"Failure Is Not An Option"  
This book is Irene Danon's personal and historical story of survival and triumph. Irene grew up in Nazi occupied Yugoslavia, as a frightened, yet very strong young Jewish girl. Hers is a story about courage in the face of grave danger, of hope amidst despair, and most of all this is a story about love and forgiveness.



"I wrote this book with deepest
 gratitude  to affirm God's Love.
 My greatest desire
 is to help others to see, feel 
and know God's Love as I do
and to know  that with
- Rev. Irene Danon

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(from the booklet, "Prayer Treatments")
I Am that I Am.  I am You and You are me.
I Am the pure essence of love, serenity, peace,
 abundance, and prosperity.

You my beloved are the air I breathe. 
You are the thoughts I think. 
You are the love I feel.
  You are the actions I take.
  When I close my eyes and feel your presence
 I know you are everywhere.
  You are the scent of roses, and the magnificence
 of butterflies. 
You are the smile of a baby and the flight of an eagle.

     With your presence, I am never alone or lonely.
 I am safe, protected and guided.
You gave me my life, my mind and my
 freedom of choice.  I will never let you down or
 abuse this trust and your gifts.   I live my life
 to the fullest and serve you by loving my fellow man.
 I make  a difference to everything I touch because
 I am an expression of You.
I am You and You are me, my beloved.
And so it is.








Music:  Michelle Danon, the
amazingly talented daughter of
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Newest Books by Irene Danon
Publication Date July, 2020

The Apartment House, An American Success Story (a novel) was inspired by true events, but the book itself is fiction. Rev. Irene Danon is a WWII Holocaust survivor. As a young child growing up in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia she had to endure many hardships. Rev. Irene's respect and love for her new country, the United States of America, have led her to this place. The stories of the tenants that live in her newly acquired Apartment House will make you laugh and may make you cry. Throughout the story, Irena flashes back to her past experiences. This is a story about survival, love, endurance, and success. Her great faith and trust in God made it all possible.

This is the most heart-touching book of poetry you will ever read.

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by Rev. Irene Danon
Paperback $4.00
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(from the booklet)

There is only One Mind, One God, One Life.
That Life is my Life.  That Mind is my mind. 
All the knowledge of the world and all the lore of the 
ancient wisdom are centered into that One Mind. 

      I open my heart and my soul; I open my mind and
 make it fertile to receive all the seeds of knowledge
 and creativity.  It is all God.  It is all good.
And it is all mine to use.

      I believe it. I know it and I trust it.  I meditate,
 I breathe deeply and listen to the still small voice,
the God from within and I know exactly how to proceed.
I feel the surge of power and creativity flood me. 
I act immediately and donít procrastinate.
I let it all pour out of me.  I am an instrument of God
through which God expresses His energy and love. 
I acknowledge it.  I affirm it and I let it be.
      And so it is.   Amen.


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