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                  DO I HAVE A CHOICE? ....... Do we really have any choice in life, or is this just an illusion that life deals us?

Yesterday morning, I was having a cup of coffee with a friend when he asked me, "Do you believe that we really have a choice in life?"

Without even thinking, I answered him, but of course we do.

"I believe that in life all is predestined,"  my friend said almost sadly.

I felt like he shattered all my illusions and left me wondering if my thoughts were correct.  "I do have choices,"  I protested. " I decide what to do with my life,"  I told him.  " I decide if I want to be healthy and choose my foods and exercise. Or I just want to vegetate. I decide if I want to go to work or stay home. I decide if I want to have friends or be home alone. I decide how long I will live, by how I take care of my body."

"I hate to disillusion you, Irene, but I believe it is already predestined how long you are going to live. And you only act in accordance with that plan."

"It doesn't seem right, that we worry and fret and get so involved in decision making, only to find out that it was already decided for us what will occur or what the outcome will be, before we even get there."
I protested angrily.

"We need the illusion in order to push forward."  my friend said "   We need to develop our soul with experience which were chosen for us. By thinking we have a choice, we develop our character  and fulfil our necessary tasks  here on this earthy plane."

"So then you do agree with me," I smiled.  "We do have a choice whether we think we do or don't know we do."

"It only appears that we do, " my friend said.  "You see, we are the sum of our experiences, and we can only respond  from that place which we know.  If we were loved as children, we have learned how to love.  We have learned to love ourselves, and as a result we know how to love others.  But on the other hand, had we been abused as children, we will surely grow up abusing others.  So you see, our choices are very limited."  He said.

"That is true,"   I agreed with him for the first time,   "We are the total sum of our experiences.  But I feel that when God created us,  He gave us free will, and we have the  choice of exercising that free will.  You see, I don't believe that we are victims of our past.  I feel that we do have a choice of leaving the past, forgiving our parents, our children or our friends,  and even the Holocaust.  That does not mean forgetting, but forgiving, so that we can go on with our lives.  As long as we hold that anger, and blame others for our present,  we will be  stuck in the victims' mode, and we become  emotionally paralyzed and pay the price physically.  But I believe by  taking back our power, we can choose the right fork in the road.  We can respond from a God  place, love, or we can come from anger."  I let out a deep breath with that mouthful.

That is very true, my friend said with a grin.  But whatever you decide to do was already programmed in the book of life."

We both burst our laughing, gave each other a hug and agreed to disagree.
So right here and right now, I choose  to send you all my love and Blessings.

If you have an opinion on the subject, please E mail me and let me know what you think.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!
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