Irene Danon is definitely a woman of the new millennium, owner of Dale Realty in Los Angeles, California, she is also a licensed Practitioner, a Minister of Religious Science and is completing her studies as a Practitioner of Jewish Science.

            Ireneís life story is one of success and accomplishment. Beginning in war-torn Yugoslavia as a Holocaust survivor, she now has a successful business and family life characterized by her deep-felt faith and confidence in Godís eternal abundance and love. She attributes her success to following the Principles of integrity and honesty in all things. Her forthcoming book titled "Overcoming Obstacles With Faith" reveals the loving consciousness of this powerful woman of simplicity but great accomplishment.
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The Way to a Wonderful Life
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"Prayer Treatments for All Occasions"
by Rev. Irene Danon
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Irene Danon has two messages that are healing
 in that they awaken the mind to new ideas.
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