Irene Danon at Pre-Graduation Party
[(left- Rev. Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn, Corrine Kagan,
 Rev. Bates) (right - Rev. Leon Bell, Rev. Irene Danon, Rev. James Daly)]

IRENE DANON was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.  She lived through and survived the Holocaust.  It was her Trust and Faith in God that made survival for her and her family possible.  Irene majored in English and Psychology, has studied writing for many years, at Santa Monica City College and University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

Irene is the mother of three daughters, three beautiful human beings, who followed in her footsteps with positive, loving attitudes.  It is their loyalty and love for each other that holds them together in any crisis or challenging times.

Irene was compelled with a passion to write the book, "Overcoming Obstacles With Faith" and help others as she herself was helped to survive war, poverty, persecution and the death of her husband.
"With God, all things are possible!"


     After the death of her husband, Irene went back to college and completed a business program, switched professions and became a successful Real Estate Broker in Beverly Hills.

    The same positive attitude and integrity that helped her survive and overcome extreme hardships during the war, made it possible for her to achieve success in the new field.  Irene has been successful at anything that she has taken on as a challenge.  The secret to her success is the "Love, Service to God, and Pride in her work" which she incorporates in all her endeavors.  Her favorite quote is:  "When they ask you for an inch, give them a foot.  The giving is the reward in itself."

    Irene Danon is an ordained minister affiliated with the New Thought Movement.  She studied with Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone of Hollywood Religious Science in Hollywood, California, and then pursued advanced studies with Dr. O. C. Smith at the City of Angels Religious Science in Los Angeles, California.  At the City of Angels she also studied with the "teacher of teachers," Dr. Juanita Bryant-Dunn completing her ministerial examinations in June of 2002 and receiving her ordination as a Religious Science Minister on June 30, 2002 at the City of Angels of Religious Science.

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