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Minister, Holocaust Survivor

                  Rev. Irene Danon's

So you don't believe in God?  I don't blame you.  I don't either.
No I don't believe in a conventional way of God.  I do not believe that there is an old man sitting in heaven, with a long white gown and a long white beard, deciding who is to live and who is to die.  I do not believe that there is a God who punishes you when you've been bad and who decides if  you are going to go heaven or hell.  In fact, I don't even believe there is a heaven or hell, out there somewhere.  I don't believe that it is God, who decides who gets sick and who is to heal.  But most of all, I do not believe that God sits there up on his high throne, and watches as man does evil to one another.

So how can I be a minister and not believe in God, you ask?

I believe that there is an energy all around us.  I believe that this Energy makes the sun set and the moon to  rise.  I believe that this energy controls our ozone, makes the flowers bloom,  makes the hens lay their eggs and makes the caterpillar turn into a magnificent butterfly.

I believe that man is inherently conceived good, pure and with his own free will, and does what and how he pleases, and it has nothing to do with God or the energy which envelops us. And through the action of free will,  man creates his own heaven or hell within himself and in that moment of awareness.

Just like when you turn on the switch and get light, or throw a rock up in the air and know it will come down and hit you in the face, I believe and  know that there is an order, or a law within this energy.  This law, this order, these events that follow the action are CAUSE AND EFFECT.

I believe that this cause and effect has nothing to do with God, or you and me.  It is a self motivating cause which reacts upon itself.

We are one with this energy. We are this energy. Our bodies are made up of vibrating particles as is everything in this universe. The only difference between us and other things, is the speed of vibration.

We as individuals, can through a process called treatment (scientific prayer) and meditation, penetrate this energy and make it work for us. With a strong belief (or you can call it faith) we can influence and move this energy.  So get out your pad and pencil and write down all the (demonstrations)  good things that happen to you, and be aware.  Don't go through life in a comatose state.  Be aware of your every thought and your every ward.  This is your power.  This is your energy.  For the more you are aware of these demonstrations the more powerful your belief and the more demonstrations you will experience.

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